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This is the 3rd year of our collaborative Full Disclosure conference. What started in 2017 under the eclipsing sky of the Great American Eclipse has become a movement that has grown wings.  At this point in time, no one can deny that we are experiencing great change.


As awakening beings,  we have broken through the veils of deception and have found that intelligence, clarity and authenticity are expanding our understandings. The old paradigm that created a story line of oppression and lies has ended. It is through our will that we courageously seek the truth about hidden technologies, dark systems of control, spiritual evolution and consciousness raising. 


2019 finds our traveling conference on the beach in Ventura, California at The Ventura Beach Marriott. We will also be gathering at the San Buenaventura beach park, across the street. The best of all worlds!


The common unity of awakening is widening.   Dimensions of Disclosure is a 3 day co-creative conference with a collection of dynamic Speakers disclosing their vast array of experiences and knowledge.


....the optimal experience expands in community....