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John DeSouza



True Investigators are the only people that can penetrate the truth of the world we are currently living in—an Age of Globalist Terror directed against Americans with the cloak of invisibility protecting these evil doers. In his presentation here are just a few of the revelations…

• John DeSouza will reveal three elements that corroborate that the 911 Terrorist Attacks were actually a Globalist Assault against the USA utilizing breakaway technology and conventional trickery to slaughter Americans and seize direct control of the Western World.

• How True Investigators/Para-Investigators are made, the skills they possess and how those skills allow them to see past deception and cover stories meant to hypnotize the population that is being enslaved.

• Show what Asymmetrical Warfare is and why it is so vital for the Globalist EPIC (ElitePowers In Control) to use invisibility to accomplish their evil deeds.

• The importance of recognizing THE GASLIGHT TRIANGLE so that we can overthrow the system of deception that Para-Investigators are helping us to undo right now.






Becoming Para Investigators, Hacking the Matrix

John DeSouza has created the ultimate workshop for investigative Truth-Seekers who need to rise to the next level of being an investigator - with Superconscious abilities. In this workshop he reveals the methods and tools to transform from good conventional investigator to transcendent Para Investigators who can pierce any deception, lift any cover story, undo any hidden mystery, no matter how hidden truth may be. He will show historical examples of the most powerful deceptions in criminal history and how Para Investigators were able to overturn them and he will show you how you can do the same.





John DeSouza was an FBI Special Agent working Counter-Terrorism and Paranormal Cases for 25 years. He was also an attorney and maintained a TOP SECRET security clearance during his time in the U.S. government. Also known as the X-man, he collected the true life X-FILES that were used on the highly popular television show: THE X-FILES.  He also shares many of these true life X-File cases in his bestselling books:


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