Elizabeth WILCOCK


Lecture in the Consciousphere Ballroom

Sunday, August 25, 11:30 am


David and I are at the epicenter of a world-wide issue that has been covered up intentionally for thousands of years... 

Why has our sacred knowledge been so violently eradicated from this planet?

Who and what are the forces that wish to continue to keep us ignorant and enslaved? 

How can you deal with the massive amounts of alarming and confusing information and find your way and thrive?

There are spiritual forces, world forces and even people inside the disclosure movement that are manipulating information for selfish and controlling purposes. 

I will shine light on the Disclosure Wars for your consciousness as well as share inspiration for those that choose the path of the sacred warrior on how to navigate the Ascension terrain and maintain your inspiration and your soul.


Saturday, August 24, 10 AM, San Buenaventura Park (across the street from the Marriott Hotel)

Workshop  -  $22

Elizabeth Wilcock

Elizabeth Wilcock is the Creator of the Priestess Path Lineages of Light, which she has been immersed in from an early age. She is at the forefront of blazing a new trail for women to merge spirituality and social function as priestesses in the modern age.

Her first love is shamanism. She entered formal shamanic training at age 17 and graduated from the Foundation For Shamanic Studies Program in Advanced Shamanic Healing ten years later. A near death experience at the age of 19 revealed her life path as she was re-birthed into her body through the Christ Light and knew then that she would take the road less traveled.

She apprenticed in the Martial Arts and Qigong lineages for many years, earning five black belts and owning five schools. She then became the first female master instructor in her marital art organization and has trained thousands of students.

Her love of shamanism and communing with Source led her to travel deep into the Amazon jungles and to traverse 15,000-foot Andean peaks, completing over 70 ayahuasca journeys in which she was gifted the Angel Songs.

Her formal emergence as a priestess was in 1999 and a few years ago, she was guided to shift her focus from training black belts to training women in the wisdom of the Lineages of Light.

web site: https://www.elizabethwilcock.com