Eric Raines

Humanity has buried inside of its core, the potential for true universal conscious knowing. As a mind/body/spirit being, we have long been stuck inside of the realms of the mind, with knowledge of the existence of body and spirit, but no true understanding of how to meld these awarenesses together in order to fully tap into Natural Human potential.


Come join Eric as he takes us on a journey through the understandings outside of the mental plane, easily accessible to anyone as long as they have the ability to concentrate and breathe. Learn how to decode the language that your body speaks, and more importantly, learn how to speak it. Learn how to find the root causes of disease, dysfunction and pain, and in the process, liberate ourselves from the core causes of these unwanted and more importantly, unnatural maladies.


Joy is a mind/body/spirit experience. If we understand where it comes from, we can activate it at will. Love is an energy, radiating out of our bodies into the world around us that neutralizes anything malevolent or predatory outside, and even more importantly, inside of us. 


We are so much more than we have been taught. Many have already opened this doorway and are walking these halls. The more who realize that magic is 100% real, it is just not visible right now, the more who will awaken to this knowledge as well.


There is a revolution brewing underneath the surface of the entire planetary consciousness. This is not a revolution of chaos and oppression, this is a revolution of personal growth and awareness. The more we grow, the more aware we are, the faster we dissolve what we never want to see in our reality again.


Come join us!