Presentation on the Main Stage in the Consciousphere Ballroom

3 PM Sunday, August 25

Cosmic Secret Panel in the Consciousphere Ballroom

8 PM Sunday, August 25



Beach Bioenergetics Workoutshop Saturday 8 am
Join Jordan for a sunrise on the beach as he takes you through a dynamic education of how postural and physical structures of the human body directly connect with our mental makeup, and how to release emotional traumas and optimize mental performance through the movement of the body.

Located at the San Buenaentura Beach.

BioEnergetic Beach Workshop Saturday 8 am - $22






Agent of Consciousness Evolution......

Jordan Sather is a nationally renowned educator, filmmaker, YouTube influencer, speaker, and inspiration to thousands of people wanting to become stronger, more conscious versions of themselves. In doing his part to assist in the Great Awakening of humanity, he has amassed hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of content views on the internet through his Destroying the Illusion brand, sharing his vision of raising self-knowledge and empowerment, mental and physical strength, and higher consciousness in society.