Leon Isaac Kennedy




I Want It All Back! - And I Want It Now!

How To Reclaim! - How To Create! - How To Birth! - How To Manifest!


Leon Isaac Kennedy has been known as A Child Of The Media – started in Radio at the age of 15 as a Major Personality Disc Jockey in 5 Top Markets.

He started Writing – Directing – Producing and Hosting Television Shows by age 18 – and by the age of 26 was Writing – Producing and/or Starring in Major Hollywood Motion Pictures.

One of his films became the Number 1 Independent Film of the Year – which is quite an achievement.  Leon became a Bonafide International Box Office Star – was on the cover of hundreds of magazine covers – featured on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and was in that rarified air of the very rich and famous – invited to the A-List parties – Academy Awards – Cannes Film Festival, etc. – and was literally wined and dined by Kings, Queens and Dictators.  

Then, suddenly and shockingly, to his Hollywood Friends and Community, he turned his back on it all - gave it all up and went into Ministry – speaking all across the world.

From decades of Prayer and Fasting and Learning Spiritual Disciplines – Leon has tapped into The Art Of Spiritual Warfare.  
Leon states, “Most people lump Prayer all into one category, but there are Specific Kinds of Prayer needed for SPECIFIC RESULTS in an individual’s life.”  

Leon has been given a unique ability to - Expel The Darkness and “The Negatives” in order to make room to bring in – The New - and – The Good.  As a result, individuals are no longer “STUCK,” but are able - To Move On and then learn how To Create and Give Birth to New Desires!

He’s been a Friend – a Confidante and Spiritual Advisor to many Celebrities – Titans of Industry and High-Profile Personalities.

Let me introduce to you – Leon Isaac Kennedy.