Inner Breakthroughs with Journeywork

Workshop By Donation

Sunday August 25, Seaward Room 1:30 PM

Mastery of the self is pretty much our ultimate goal. Mastery over our inner world (our emotions, our beliefs, our triggers, our passions) is essential. Journeywork can be a powerful tool to explore our own inner world and reveal to ourselves deeper truths and perspectives. In Rene's workshop he will discuss the inner workings of perception and how we are manipulated into patterns of negative emotions. He will share perceptions on how to breakthrough negative programming and take control of our inner judge and emotional states.  Using his new oracle/game, PATHWAYS, Rene guides the group through an exploratory exercise to activate inner wisdom. Using bowls, percussion, drumming, sacred vocalization, Rene will lead you through a Shamanic Journey Group Meditation. Come … Dive deep … Discover something new …  Explore your inner world …

Get new insights into your true self.


René Armenta is the creator of two oracle decks, FIOSO (Found Items of Strange Origin) and PATHWAYS. In addition, he is not only an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and composer, he is a multi-media artist and animator (his 3D models and animations can be seen in the documentary film Above Majestic). After leaving UCLA Fine Arts in the early 90s, René has been on a deep plunge exploring how to create sacred space with art for more than a quarter-century. Art and Spiritual Experience have their origin in the “invisible realms” (whatever name you wish to call them). Exploring our spiritual connection to the invisible realms through art and performance has led Rene to craft a Shamanic Journey Meditation experience that activates the listener to explore these invisible/inner realms for them selves. Using Tibetan bowls, percussion, drums and various instruments, René blends in his voice with sacred toning to create a sacred shamanic space to activate and explore your inner wisdom.