Simon Esler


"Metaphysical Activism: The Internal Art of Disclosing the Impossible"


Simon is a teacher, guide and leader in the field of awakening expanded consciousness. He has spent the last ten years offering classes, workshops and private consultation in mindfulness, meditation and heart based living through his business, ThunderHeart Guidance. He is certified as a Kids Yoga Teacher, a Life-Cycle Celebrant® and is legally recognized by the Canadian government as a Metaphysical Minister through the Bancroft Center for Awakening Spiritual Growth. He also has a Bachelor of Arts degree from York University, which he obtained through a special focus on the process of devising collectively created art. This training allows him to work as a Creative Architect, supporting the development of a wide variety of projects ranging from script development to graphic design and book creation. He was an early contributor in the creation of the Full Disclosure Now! movement and in November 2017 he launched the QAnon Think Tank. With an incredible team, he has developed the Think Tank into a unique online space for filing, exploring, researching and disseminating the QAnon disclosures. He is currently supporting the development of a number of projects with Sphere Being Alliance Productions.