Located in The Green Ridge Room, unless otherwise noted.


10:00 PM  Emery Smith CE-5


8 -10 AM          Jordan Sather - Hike   1:00 -3:00        Elizabeth Wilcock

3:00 -5:00        Laura Eisenhower

3:00-5:00         Bridget Nielson (tent


8:00-10:00       Eric Raines

9:30 -11:00      Mike Waskosky (tent)

11:00-12:30     Niara Isley (tent)

1:00 - 3:00       Dr. Michael Salla

3:30 - 5:30       David Wilcock


Workshop schedule is subject to change. Workshops are not included in the price of admission.

General admission passes are required to purchase a workshop ticket.

EMERY SMITH  CE-5                     

Friday, August 17,  10:00 PM • Location: Fire Pit                                                             $65

Join Emery and his core team under the stars to engage in his own unique CE5 (contact of the 5th kind) using his personal methods and protocols developed after his  experiences as a child, what he was taught regarding communication with ET's during his time working in the classified projects, and the civilian methods that he learned during his time as Vice President for CSETI. Emery will also demonstrate consciousness assisted technology utilized to assist in contacting our interstellar friends and family, as well as his military issued night vision to spot crafts in exo-atmosphere and a special, classified laser to identify activity amongst the stars. 

JORDAN SATHER  Sunrise Hike           

Saturday, August 18,  8:00 AM  •  Meet Up Location: Chalet Gate                                   donation

Join Jordan on a refreshing morning hike through the Sunrise Ranch wilderness! This will be a 50 minute, easy jaunt, through one of the ranches most beautiful trails. During the excursion, Jordan will answer any question you may have on whatever subject, just bring your walking shoes, your water, and an open heart and mind! Grab your breakfast before you head out!   This is a free hike, but donations are gladly welcome.

LAURA EISENHOWER    Divine Human Awakening: We Are the Shift

Saturday, August 18,  3:00 PM • Location: Green Ridge Room                                              $25

Laura shares about DNA in relation to the Elements, Sacred Union and Earth grids and how we are correcting the reversals that stem from the use of dark technologies put in place by different controller groups.  She will help us to understand how to move into polarity integration and Higher Earth energies and what process the physical body is going through to achieve this.  Laura will be discussing the Galactic Chakras, Zodiac and the 13th sign and how it relates to Stargate activation and our reconnection with the Zero point unified field.  She will share information about ET races and will delve into topics that will help us to awaken to our divine template and multi-dimensional body.

DR.MICHAEL SALLA   Antarctica’s Hidden History: Mars, the Book of Enoch & Corey Goode

Sunday, August 19,  1:00 PM • Location: Green Ridge Room                                             

Antarctica’s Hidden History can be directly connected to Martian refugees who fled a planet wide catastrophe to establish colonies around the Earth approximately 50,000 years ago. The Martians brought with them advanced technologies, including “stasis chambers” that could prolong life for thousands of years. Evidence suggests that the “Fallen Angels” described in ancient biblical texts were Martians who interbred with humans, and created a series of colonies around the planet that was fundamentally connected to ancient legends of Atlantis. The intervention of the Martian/Fallen Angels in human affairs eventually led to a confrontation with a federation of human looking extraterrestrial civilizations engaged in long term genetic experiments. Enoch reportedly wrote 360 books from his interactions with the different extraterrestrial groups, only three of which have survived: the Ethiopian, Slavic and Essene Book(s) of Enoch. The Book of Enoch describes the defeat, and imprisonment of the Fallen Angels in Antarctica, and their predicted release/awakening 10,000 years after the Great Flood. In this workshop, Dr. Salla reviews Antarctica’s Hidden History in light of Corey Goode’s revelations, and their amazing parallels with the Book(s) of Enoch.


BRIDGET NIELSON   Intuitive Empowerment: Accessing Your ESPs Through Art & Play

Saturday, August 18,  3:00 PM • Labyrinth Event Tent                                                                   $25

This workshop is designed to move us from our minds to our hearts, allowing receptivity for our extrasensory and telempathic abilities to flow. By using water, form and color, our intuition can more easily express itself. This imaginative space allows more communication with your higher self, inner child, guides, galactic connections and deep soul yearnings. No art or painting experience needed - the less the better ;) This is a time for us to come together in surrendering, openness and play!

MIKE WASKOSKY    New Paradigm Community Building

Sunday, August 19,  9:30 - 11:00 AM • Location: labyrinth tent                                                   $22

We have all seen evidence of old paradigms crumbling around us, but what is less obvious is that new paradigms do not always mix with ease, and new belief systems do not always play nicely together until they are tested and refined by love. New age communities can often run into the same problems as existing religious and academic systems, leading many involved to shut down or lose faith in others, the "catalyst gone awry" as coined by the Law of One. Mike will outline his most practical philosophies and lessons learned from his many attempts at building local higher consciousness communities through both large and small meetup groups, offline and online communities, and across dramatically diverse belief systems and personalities.

ERIC RAINES    Divine Human Awakening: We Are the Shift

Sunday, August 19,  8 am  -10:00 am • Location: Green Ridge Room                                       $33

Come join Eric as he takes us on a journey through the understandings outside of the mental plane, easily accessible to anyone as long as they have the ability to concentrate and breathe. Learn how to decode the language that your body speaks, and more importantly, learn how to speak it. Learn how to find the root causes of disease, dysfunction and pain, and in the process, liberate ourselves from the core causes of these unwanted and more importantly, unnatural maladies.

NIARA ISLEY    Consciousness Alive!

Sunday, August 19,  11:00 - 12: PM • Location: Labyrinth Event Tent                                        $25

Bring your voice, your body and your percussion instruments. We'll start by clearing out our emotional garbage with dance and movement. Once the inner soot is dusted off we'll come together to create in time. Our unifying heartbeats will bring to life a rhythm and sound of it's own.  Putting our bare feet on the earth, Mother Gaia's own energetic earth beat will flow through all of us.  Releasing cleansed and vibrant emotional energy to fuel the intention of full disclosure, a renewed earth and ecosystem and a rebirth of humanity awakened.

ELIZABETH WILCOCK    Spiritual Warrior Activation Workshop

Saturday, August 18,  1:00 - 3:00 PM • Location: Green Ridge Room                                        $25

Tools to Activate your Holy Cause, Protect your Sacred Space, and Manifest Your Dreams

In this workshop, we will recall and activate your spiritual warrior's holy cause, remembering of who you are and why you came here.

You will receive:

  • Clarity on your Holy Cause - your purpose and mission

  • Spiritual tools to protect your physical body and sacred space

  • Tools to connect to the Divine Light and your spirit guides to gain assistance

  • How to communicate your sacred boundaries in a powerful and loving way 

These tools will serve you and your family your entire life and benefit this earth and all her creatures.


Sunday, August 19,  3:30 - 5:30 PM • Location: Green Ridge Room                                         $40