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David  Wilcock   $44


Dr. Michael Salla   $33

Antarctica’s Connection to Atlantis, Pole Shifts and Prophecy

Laura Eisenhower  $33

Into the Unified Field

John DeSouza   $22

Becoming Para-Investigators, Hacking the Matrix

David Lonebear Sanipass  $11

Star Teachings and The Copper Scrolls


Clifford Mahooty  $11

Awakening Spiritual Connections thru Zuni Traditions

Justin DeSchamps  $11

The Key to A Blissful Enlightened Life

in a World of Chaos and Uncertainty

Sandra Walter  *Free

Mount Shasta Disclosure, Gatekeeping and Ascension

Mathew Mournian *Free

Activating your Multidimensional Self

Simon Esler & Alex Bloom  $22

Harnessing the Power of Memes:

Viral Communication Techniques to

Support the Great Awakening

Sky Kubby  $22

Invincible Immunity and Everlasting Energy

Elizabeth Wilcock  $22

Radiant Light Qi Gong

Jordan Sather   $22

BioEnergetic WorkOut

Sky Kubby   $11

Bagua Tai Chi

SkyWatch  $11

with Military Night Vision Goggles

Mindfulness Meditation  by Donation

with Corinne & Karlie


Hatha Yoga  by Donation

with Jennifer Kidd